I maintain three blogs:


My professional web page is over at Adelphi University.

Open Source Projects

In addition to the blogs, you can find a few Github repositories with varying degrees of usefulness:

  • metar is an free and open-source program, written in C, that will download aviation weather reports and present them in human-readable form.

  • Tempberry Pi is an IoT project that implements an automated temperature sensor that publishes is readings to a website.

  • Hiwa is a Horribly Insecure Web Application. It sports many security vulnerabilities and it is used for instructional purposes during Capture-the-Flag sessions.

  • Arduino Serial Statusbox is an Arduino-based red-amber-green traffic light controlled via a serial port. It comes with a daemon written in Python that allows the box to be remote controlled via the Internet.

  • Arduino Lights and Sirens is a little box with LEDs and speakers. It can play different sirens and shows different light patterns. A YouTube video explains it better.