Packet Storm Security points out that New Criminologist features an interesting article which sports the attention-catching title The 10 Most Mysterious Cyber Crimes.

In the write-up, the authors list crimes ranging in time from 1989 (The WANK Worm) when most people had never even heard of this odd thing called the Internet, to more recent times (2008). Some of the mysterious crimes discussed I had never even heard about, which either says a lot about me, or is a serious compliment to the authors.

The list of mysteries is made up of:

  • October 1998, The WANK Worm
  • February 1999, Ministry of Defense Satellite Hacked
  • January 2000, CD Universe Credit Card Breach
  • December 2000, Military Source Code Stolen
  • October 2001, Anti-DRM Hack
  • October 2003, Dennis Kucinich on
  • March 2006, Hacking Your MBA App
  • Winter 2008, The 26,000 Site Hack Attack
  • February 2008, Supermarket Security Breach
  • May 2008, Gets a Redirect
The article is an interesting and amusing read, albeit is a little biased to high-profile recent attacks.